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The journey to find America’s most work-friendly cities

Photo taken at Crema Coffee and Bakery in Portland, Oregon

Our journey to find the best cities for digital nomads, web workers and freelancers has begun.

Imagine you visited a city and all around you were great places to get some work done. The kind of places that not only welcomed you – but supported you. They gave you fast, reliable, secure WiFi. They put out power strips and provided comfortable seating. They embraced the way you work and told you that in their own words.

We’ve long known Portland, OR is that city. Now we want to find other cities that provide a similar landscape for those of us who work from anywhere, anytime.

We’re fostering community and helping nomadic workers of all kinds flourish.

During our journey, we’ll be showcasing amazing places to work from and the wonderful people who make it possible.

Vote for your favorite cities and tell us more about them in the comments!


  • I’m voting NYC…don’t make that city wait too long.

  • tedder

    I expect Seattle will win, but if LA does, I have a list of cafes for you to start from. Just contact me on twitter.

  • I voted Seattle! Any of the cities will benefit from workfrom though! Stoked to see what city is next.

    “Nomadic workers” is my new favorite term.

    • Darren Buckner
      Darren Buckner

      Seattle is leading in votes at the moment 🙂

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