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The Complete Digital Nomad Toolkit


This article was produced by AND CO, the app that automates freelancers’ administrative tasks.

There are plenty of perks that come with being a digital nomad. But, there’s little argument about the one that tops the list: Being able to travel all over the globe while still earning a paycheck.

Constantly switching up your scenery is refreshing (not to mention that it provides a significant boost to your productivity!), and having the flexibility to expose yourself to different places, people, and cultures is a dream come true for anybody who can’t imagine staying chained to a regular nine to five.

However, that’s not to say that the digital nomad lifestyle doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges, and packing light is one of those. Not only do you need to be concerned with schlepping all of your personal necessities with you, but you also need to lug around everything you need to get your work done.

Fortunately, technology makes that task much, much easier. With just a laptop and a phone, you’ll pretty much have everything you need to get stuff done—no matter where in the world you are.

So, what sort of things should you have in your toolkit? We’ve pulled together some necessities that will put the “digital” in “digital nomad.”

Finding a Spot

Ready to pack your bags and move on to your next corner of the globe? These solutions will help take some of the stress out of finding your next city and booking your travel plans!

1. Workfrom

Cost: Free!
What it Does: No matter where your adventures take you, Workfrom will help you find the best coffee shops, cafes, and coworking spaces with WiFi and power. So, you can get right to work (or exploring!) without having to roam your new city looking for WiFi access.

2. Nomad List

Cost: Free!
What it Does: Seeking some inspiration for where you should head next? Nomad List shares the very best cities for digital nomads and ranks them for everything from WiFi access and quality of life to walkability and safety. Want another option to compare and contrast locales? Give Teleport a try!

3. Skyscanner

Cost: Free!
What it Does: When you’re ready to find a cheap flight to your next adventure, this travel fare aggregator will help you find the very best price to head off on your adventure. Be sure to install the app on your phone, and you’ll be able to book reasonably priced flights on the go!

Getting Stuff Done

You’ve made it to your next city, and you’re ready to buckle down and begin checking things off your to-do list. These helpful tools will quickly turn you into a lean, mean, productivity machine!

4. Skyroam

Cost: $100 + $8 per day pass
What it Does: Can’t manage to find reliable WiFi access? Skyroam Mobile Hotspot will provide you with SIM-free WiFi in over 100 countries. Even better? You can connect up to four devices to it! With a pay-as-you-go plan, it can get a bit pricey. But, it’s well worth it to know that internet access won’t be the thing holding you back from getting a paycheck.

5. Trello

Cost: Free! ($10 per month for Business Class)
What it Does: Keeping your work organized can be a challenge when you’re jetting all over the globe. As a Kanban board, Trello will help you keep track of your clients, projects, and deadlines, and notes—all in one handy (and beautiful!) place.

6. Pocket

Cost: Free!
What it Does: You want to stay informed about everything from news to industry trends. But, when you have the time to do some reading in the airport or on a long flight, you forget about all of the things you had planned to catch up on. Pocket can help! When you find an article or a video that you’d like to look at later, put it in Pocket. It’ll all be there waiting for you when you have some downtime.

7. TomatoTimer

Cost: Free!
What it Does: Staying focused on your work can be a challenge when you’re waiting to explore a brand new city. Using a time management method like the Pomodoro Technique can help keep you zoned in on the task at hand—with some built-in breaks to get some fresh air. Use the TomatoTimer to keep track of your intervals, and you can take the guesswork out of the process.


Cost: Free!
What it Does: You know those pesky little repetitive things you always have to do? They’re easy, but they take up a ton of your time—time that could be better spent elsewhere. Using IFTTT, you can take those totally off your plate. Set up chains that will trigger those actions automatically. Whether you want to save all email attachments to Google Drive or get a weather forecast every single morning, IFTTT will quickly become your unpaid personal assistant.


Cost: Free! ($14 per month for Gold)
What it Does: Speaking of tasks you’d rather not have to handle, you probably don’t get excited about needing to send proposals, invoice clients, track expenses, and take care of all of those other back office duties that come along with being a digital nomad. AND CO—which gives you your own personal chief operator—will do it for you in a way that’s totally seamless and painless.

10. Moment

Cost: Free!
What it Does: We all know what it’s like to waste countless hours falling into the black hole of our newsfeeds. Moment will keep track of how much time you’re spending on certain apps, so you can be more mindful of actually using your working hours for, you know, working.

Staying Mindful

Traveling so much can easily throw a wrench in things. Before long, it becomes tough to remember what time it is or what city you’re even in. Fortunately, these handy apps can help you keep a clear and healthy mind.

11. Headspace

Cost: Free! (Premium plans available)
What it Does: If you need a little time to clear your head and de-stress yourself, Headspace can teach you how to meditate in just 10 minutes each day. It’s the perfect way to wind down from a busy day spent working and exploring.

12. F.lux

Cost: Free!
What it Does: You’ll spend a lot of time in front of screens as a digital nomad. But, whether you know it or not, that time spent working late and catching up on emails before bed can throw off your sleep habits. F.lux will automatically adjust your display to best match the time of day so that you can save your eyes from some strain.

13. Every Time Zone

Cost: Free!
What it Does: When you’re traveling all over the world, it’s not only a challenge to keep track of what time it is where you are, but also what time it is for your clients. Set your time zone and then add any other ones you need into this dashboard, and it will quickly show you what time it is for that person across the world you’re trying to get a hold of.

Living the digital nomad lifestyle is awesome. But, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Use these handy apps, tools, and solutions to remove some stress from your travels, and you’ll have that much more time for working and exploring.

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