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Recently Recommended: great coffee shops, bars and banks to work from all over America

Just in: new recommendations on great coffee shops, bars and banks to set up shop for a few hours. We’re excited at the variety of places being recommended, including more bars and now banks. That’s right … banks! Umpqua Bank in Seattle and San Francisco have community spaces and meeting rooms available for all at no charge, and you don’t need to be an Umpqua customer.

This is truly a great time to be a mobile worker and we’re thrilled at the rate in which recommendations are coming in. Enjoy!

Portland, Oregon (map)

Austin, Texas (map)

San Francisco, California (map)

New York City, New York (map)

Washington, D.C. (map)

Seattle, Washington (map)

Omaha, Nebraska

Workfrom Omaha is new! Check out all the recommended places to work from in Omaha.



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