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Top 10 Fastest WiFi Spots in Portland … and Your City


In searching for a place to work there are a few factors I oftentimes need. Typically wifi, power, and food. Sometimes, I need the fastest wifi in order to ensure that I’ll be able to upload/download files for a project. I don’t want to be a bandwidth hog or stare at a spinning wheel, so I head out to my go-to places that have never failed me before.

When I want to expand my short list of go-to places, I turn to a site I built for kicks a few months ago: TopWiFi.space. I created TopWiFi.space as a way to play with the Workfrom’s API but now use it often.

TopWiFi.space gives you the fastest spaces added to Workfrom, near you. I thought I’d share the results for Portland, where I live. These spots include coworking spaces, coffee shops and bars. And, of course, this data changes frequently, so check TopWiFi.space for the most current results! View on map.

168—WeWork Custom House
NW 8th Ave, Portland Oregon

334 NW 11th Ave, Portland Oregon

111.4—The Factory
2505 SE 11th Ave, Suite 202, Portland Oregon

102.2—Poa Cafe
4025 N Williams Ave (at N Shaver St), Portland Oregon

90.8—Collective Agency
322 NW 6th Ave, Portland Oregon

86.7—Fern Kitchen
2311 SE 50th, Portland Oregon

84.1—Venture Business Centers
707 SW Washington St. Suite 1100, Portland Oregon

808 Main St, Vancouver Washington

77—Lovejoy Bakers on Moody
3159 SW Moody Ave, Portland Oregon

74.5—Spritely Bean
5829 SE Powell Blvd, Portland Oregon


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