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Workfrom Launches On-Demand Coworking Pilot


Workfrom already helps remote workers and digital nomads find great places to work, and to make it even easier, we’ve  launched a VIP program that will give our free account members flexible, on-demand, and custom access to coworking spaces.

Initially launching in Portland, the program will provide members with three credits, each good for a free day of access to one of five top coworking spaces in the area: CENTRL Office, Forge Portland, The Professional Collective, NXT Industries: The Lab, and Hatch Lab PDX.

Forge Portland

Forge Portland

“The macro trend towards coworking and distributed workspaces has fundamentally changed how and where millions of people get their work done. This flexibility allows people to craft their work around their lives and work-friendly venues stand to gain new business from patrons looking for a comfortable place to be productive”, said Darren Buckner, Workfrom’s CEO.

For those who have the freedom to work anywhere — currently about 40% of the U.S. workforce and growing fast — finding coffee shops, restaurants, coworking spots and other places to work that are conducive to getting stuff done is often a major pain point.

Workfrom, which launched 2 years ago and now has more than 40,000 monthly users on six continents, eases the headache for the free-range professional by crowdsourcing the best local venues for working outside of a home or traditional office — as measured by factors like wifi speeds, access to power outlets, food options and even noise levels.

The Professional Collective

The Professional Collective

The coworking pilot provides members with the option to enjoy themselves in a dedicated workspace setting with benefits like open desks, free coffee, reliable WiFi, and common areas like lounges and conference rooms.

The pilot also helps companies with a distributed workforce offer their employees flexible access to workspace and standardize their associated costs.

NXT Industries: The Lab

NXT Industries: The Lab

Coworking, no matter the venue, can help create the connections and camaraderie that many remote professionals miss when working from home. But long-term leases in coworking spaces are often cost prohibitive and underutilized, especially for early-stage entrepreneurs, freelancers and frequent travelers. There’s a very large and fast-growing group of people who don’t need daily access but do need a space from time to time.

The coworking pilot will allow users to try out different spaces best suited to their needs without a long-term lease or commitment, and give them the elbow-rubbing, serendipitous perks of working alongside others.

Hatch Lab PDX

Hatch Lab PDX

“Amazing things happen when people have on-demand access to shared workspaces and the opportunity to engage multiple communities. The buzz that comes with new faces and the synergies that sprout from sharing new ideas are an integral part of the experience for venues and individuals alike”, Buckner said.

Participants in the pilot are not charged, though ultimately Workfrom will charge a small monthly fee. To participate, visitors can sign up for free account at https://workfrom.co/pdxcoworks, where they’ll be upgraded into the pilot, their three credits for day passes will be activated and redeemable via workfrom.co.


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