Rain or Shine Coffee House in Portland

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Open daily, weekdays 6AM - 5PM, weekends 7AM - 5PM. No WiFi time-limit, password posted near espresso machine. Lots of outlets: 7 seats at "computer bars" with super accessible outlet strips along the length of each bar as well as outlets along walls. Busiest late mornings on weekends. Lots of seats available before 9AM and after about 2:30 PM, usually easy to find a spot with little wait time even when busy. Bike racks on Division Street, some lot parking, and plenty of street parking within short walking distance (recommended). Dog hitches just outside front door and at picnic tables. Full menu available all day.

Best times are week days after lunch if you want low traffic and quiet. The mornings have people rushing in for their coffee fix and out to work.
Saturday and Sunday are the busiest and can be hard to find space to hunker down. Right next to Mount Tabor, it's a great location to work and then walk up the hill. Big clean restroom, places to park cars & bikes.

There are two bars spaces (one where you can watch the baristas work), both with power outlet strips so everyone at the bar can work away. They also have 8 tables lining the walls, all with access to outlets. There is a big table in the middle of the cafe that is a great space to host group meetings or study sessions.

They have a wide selection of coffee drinks and a healthy array of sandwiches & fresh baked goods to tide you over. Affordable and with great repeat customer awards.

More details

Coffee Trailhead Coffee Roasters and Portland Roasting Coffee; espresso, pour over, drip, cold brew
Tea Smith Tea; green, black varieties, herbal varieties, chai, iced tea (seasonal)
Food Bagels, sandwiches, soup (seasonal), breakfast, lunch, pastries
Seating Capacity 21
Outside Seating 12
Group Space Some
Types of Seating Small tables, Larger table, Standing bar / counter, Lounge chairs / couches
Web rainorshinepdx.com  
Keywords + Amenities Outdoor Seating, Natural Light, Has Power

Community notes

  • annasulli1

    Hmm I count 8 outlets dispersed between the 10 tables plus the outlet strips next to the bars! Maybe they have added more since you wrote this

  • elea
    Elea Chang

    Wifi pw is now funinthesun, FYI!

  • emplums

    Friendly baristas, lots of plug ins, nice food options for breakfast! Lots of light & medium noise level – might be too loud for video calls at times. Internet is a bit slow today, not sure if that’s typical or not.

  • Thelela

    The place was mostly empty at 9am on a Thursday, and I was able to find a table with an outlet no problem. By 10:30 the place had filled up more (maybe by half).
    Music has been varying between folk and big band, it’s at a good level I think.
    The open room means conversations travel well, adding to the noise, but it’s not crazy loud by any means.

  • Darren Buckner
    Darren Buckner

  • Guest


  • jesseboyd

    One other small tip for this location, there is free parking in the back and it is a rather cramped space. Apparently the car next to me scraped the side of my car and just left. Luckily my car is rather old so I will get over it. I have been super stoked on the other cafes not trying to neg just reporting my observations here.

  • jesseboyd

    This cafe has great lighting with lots of windows. To be listed under food category on meetfrom I am rather underwhelmed with the options and small portion. Outlets are an issue unless you want to sit at the very narrow bar right next to the bathroom. Steady 25Mb wifi speed!