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"Outlets between benches, along double story windows and corner of exposed brick wall. Acoustic blues plays softly in the cafe. Cafe extends into the historic, cast-iron Blagen Block building's atrium, where there's additional seating with no music, great for a phone call or quiet time. A loft space will be opening in early 2015 with sofas and more seating."

Darren Buckner
Discovered by Darren Buckner & Laurenjuliet
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Workspace Type Public space
115 SW Ash, Portland
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coldcoffee | Simple Local Coffee Guest WIFI
WiFi Speed
Download/Upload in Mb/s
32.80 / 6.50
Upload Speed 6.50
Download Speed 32.80
Upload Speed 6.50
Network Latency 19 Ms
Noise Level Moderate
Plugs Plenty
Coffee Sterling Coffee Roasters
Tea Jasmine Pearl Tea Company
Food pastries, snacks
Group Seating Yes
Outdoor Seating Unknown
Seating Styles Small tables, standing bar / counter
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  • Other reviews are accurate – very solid place all around. WiFi fast enough for video calls, music is a bit loud upstairs, with the only power outlets within reach of 2 armchairs. Plenty of power by the high top chairs at the windows downstairs though.

  • I love working here. Barista L is fantastic and her husband’s baked goods are top notch too! –all in a fantastic environment!

  • WiFi password coldcoffee

  • lyrajuinio

    Really great place to work. Fast internet, plenty of seating, lots of light and relatively quiet. The coffee and staff were both great. The only really minor complaint I have is that if you’re sitting upstairs, the music can be a bit loud… but like I said, that’s really minor and it’s much quieter downstairs. I’d definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re in the area.

  • Fantastic place! All of the reviews above are accurate. WiFi was flawless (I used Skype & Google Hangouts for calls). Back room is a great place for taking private calls but I was interrupted a few times by a walking tour group showing the building & tunnels underground and there are only a few plugs in the back so power up ahead of time. Regular house coffee comes with a free refill which is great for long work plans. Staff was exceptionally kind (I stayed past closing and barista brought me a to go cup with fresh hot coffee in return for her mug that she needed to wash). Oh and try the Lime Scone! Amazing!

    Updated speed test –

  • crispaire

    Worked here on a Friday afternoon. The tea selection was great as was the service. The Wi-Fi was indeed fast. The brie and prosciutto baguette left much to be desired though, as it was stale and lacking any sort of cheese flavor. Good access to outlets and good seating arrangements. The music downstairs was barely audible but if you sit upstairs it is quite loud (as far as background coffee shop music goes).

  • arhodes

    The cinnamon scones are ooey gooey good, the hot cocoa is wonderful, the staff is kind and generous… what else am I forgetting? Oh, right… WiFi is fast and predictable, head upstairs for a semi-quiet environment to work or meet. One very minor downside is that there are only two power outlets upstairs, each with space for four plugs. But that’s actually a bonus… because now you have another reason to say hello to the person next to you 🙂

  • Rival_Laura

    In moving to the PDX area just a few short weeks ago, I looked into finding another spot to hop on a bus and travel out to get away from my home office. All that bkwillms said is still true to this day + the coffee is great too as an avid coffee consumer. I felt like I was not a nuisance taking a table for a few hours in the afternoon, instead treated as a regular with the owners being very hospitable. Very felt crowded even when small waves of people would stream in and out for to-go orders or to stay for a short period of time. If you want an even quieter experience (or you don’t wear headphones) head up to the loft for some comfy chairs and removed space. (Construction is going on in the open space in the center of the building but should be completed soon)

  • bkwillms

    WOW! I love this place!!! Thanks Darren Buckner for introducing it to me. Simple Local Coffee is a great place for meetings and remote working. Lots of space (including a loft w/ dart boards) and good WiFi. The owners are incredibly hospitable and make you feel very comfortable hanging out in their shop. I’m not a coffee drinker so I can’t vouch for it but I love my Chai tea and I will vouch for it being good. I also had lunch here and the homemade tomato soup was yummy! Seriously, love this place and encourage others to check it out. There’s enough space that I’m not worried about being crowded out.

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