Stumptown Coffee Roasters Downtown in Portland

Cafe / Restaurant
Louder Noise
Few Plugs

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Darren Buckner

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Workspace Details + Amenities

Food pastries, snacks
Seating Capacity 20-40
Group Space Some
Keywords Has Power
Web stumptowncoffee.com  

Pro Tips

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  • Very loud, if you want to get stuff done it’s a bit difficult.

  • The cold brew nitro on tap is quite possibly one of the best coffee drinks I’ve had. It’s like the java version of a Guiness, super smooth, low in acidity, and full of flavor. The other coffee selections are top-notch and equally tasty. Having said that, the actual environment to work in is a bit lackluster. I’m all for background music, and their selections are decently curated, but to have it blasted from a floor speaker in the corner is definitely not conducive to concentration of any sort (at least for me). Bring noise-cancelling earphones if you like your own music.

  • The last few times I’ve worked here have reminded me of when I used to work here in 2006. Mostly, that’s good; where the wifi is concerned, not so much. I don’t know what’s happened, but the wifi here has become unreliable.

  • I have visited Stumptown on both the weekends and weekdays; it’s usually a pretty busy place. They have great coffee, I like the Gem baked goods and the baristas are nice.

    It’s loud, but I like the noise because it helps me to focus. They have 6 two-top tables and power outlets spaced every few tables. 1 four-top table allows for a group to sit and chat or work on a group project. They also have a couple on an elevated stage and bar-stool like chairs at the windows and along the end of the bar.

    It’s good place downtown a couple blocks from the MAX line and a block or so away from major bus lines.

    For a pick-me-up, you can wander down to Voodoo Donuts. 🙂

  • Nick

    The acoustics at Stumptown are horrible. The noise can be overwhelming, so bring some good headphones. The bonus here is the best coffee in Portland (In my humble opinion). The staff are great, and the music is good. Donuts (we all know who) is only a block away for a late morning sugar rush.

    2 stars on atmosphere
    5 stars on coffee
    4 stars on wifi.
    5 stars on coolness factor.

    However, with the noise, I only give it a 3 star for remote work space.


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