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Tiny’s Coffee Southeast 

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Pro tips

A power strip is located near north wall seating and more power in the back room.

Great on Saturdays after 12pm. Not as many people here and good music is playing.

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Darren Buckner

More about this space

FoodSandwiches, soups, salads, breakfast, pastries, snacks
Seating Capacity under 20
Group Space Little to None
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Community notes

  • opticnoodleopticnoodle on

    I agree with everything people have already said.

    I’ll add an ergonomics note: the north wall table:bench height ratio is good. The tables at most of my regular spots are too high.

  • FallenstedtFallenstedt on

    This is a great place to work if you need outlets and reliable wifi. They always have Stumptown’s hairbender coffee which is great for that caffeine rush all coders need. Cups of coffee are $2.00 with 75cent refills.

    The food is kind of expensive and lacks quantity for what you get, however there are food carts right next to this cafe, followed by burgerville and lardo if you’re feeling extra greasy.

    As an added bonus, there is outdoor seating too both in the back and front. The outdoor seating has no outlets though.

  • PaigePaige on

    With only minutes to spare, I had to find a place where I could jump on a video call. I rushed to Tiny’s, found a spot along the wall on the way to the back patio. Though some people walked in and out of the door from time to time, I was able to make a relatively smooth video call for an hour and ten minutes. It was such a great place to work that I purchased a mug before departing.

  • Darren BucknerDarren Buckner on

    I come here when I need good Wi-Fi and food. They have a great menu that includes some great breakfast options. Makes this a great spot for working early as well. They open at 6 am during the week. There are often others working here. They’ve provided power strips near most of their seating for easy access to power. The seating is limited but I usually don’t have a problem finding a spot. There are food carts and some great restaurants nearby. If you need a place to do a phone/skype call, there is a area on your way out to the patio that has less background noise than the rest of the place. They don’t play music in that room and the coffee grinding, etc is less audible. This place is a staple of mine.