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Jewel Mlnarik
Jewel Mlnarik A maker of Workfrom and other joys.

Tips for planning a Startup Booster Party


We recently hosted a Startup Booster Party, a Portland style fundraiser, and learned a few things in the doing. Before you schedule your next event, check out these tips. (To read more about how we learned these lessons, check out our post about the event.)

Tips for Planning a Successful Event

Should you think about hosting your own fundraiser, or want to host a Startups Booster Party, here’s our top recommendations for making it the best success for you:

  • Ask your guests to tag their photos … you’ll wish you had an easier way to browse photos and this keeps it simple.
  • Print your silent auction sheets early. We used Typeform to collect donations and having submissions and contact information in one spreadsheet worked well.
  • Record the winners. I’m a fan of being able to follow-up on someone’s experience with what they’ve won. And if you take photos, it’s nice to share them with the folks in the photos.
  • Take awesome photos of the winners and their prizes.
  • Have a way to take card donations at the door, before your event begins.
  • The first person to the space should have the plates, cups & silverware … and anything needed to handle money.
  • Invite us! Our community rocks!!


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