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Jewel Mlnarik
Jewel Mlnarik A maker of Workfrom and other joys.

We’re Going on Tour


When we first sat down to discuss starting a business, we equated it to starting a band: we created awesome work together and didn’t want to break up over bad finances. We do our forecasting and planning in chunks of 45 days and give each one its own theme song or sound track in honor of the great 45s. And now we’re going on tour and have decades of touring musicians to thank for their inspiration.

We’ll be blogging and sharing interviews with our community as we travel. Luckily, we know all the great places to go for reliable WiFi and power so we won’t have issues connecting to share.

Our first stop: New York City. Before cofounding Workfrom, I worked remotely for an up-and-coming tech star in New York City and found myself missing the trips “out East”. So when we discovered the Focus 100 conference would be held in NYC and that our friends at the Portland Development Commission would be going–we booked flights and started coordinating events. We’re excited to kick off our tour in the world’s capital of fashion, technology and literature and a city that’s home to millions and a destination for more.

After what will be a whirlwind week, we’ll be heading down to Washington DC and then over to Austin and wrapping up our first leg in San Francisco before taking a break back home in Portland, Oregon. Check out our tour dates and events to see where and when you can join us.

If you your or anyone you know lives or works in any of these cities, pass this along and let them know that Workfrom is coming. If they’re anything like the people we’ve already met, they’ll love it and thank you for it.


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