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7201 NE Glisan St Ste A (72nd), Portland
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Fillmore is Montavilla's newest pizza, coffee, and drinks space on NE Glisan. They serve up seriously tasty handmade pizzas: margherita, white truffle ricotta, new yorker, vegan, and seasonal options. Free wifi (Fillmore-2.4) speed ranges between 25-30 Mb/s. If you have Comcast, the "xfinity" connection is about 15 Mb/s. The space is large and open with available light pouring in from the large south facing windows. For seating options at the front window, there's two separate wood bar islands with three metal bar seats. It's a great spot for standing workers as it fits a laptop, mouse pad, food, and beverage well.At the bar where the pizza is made, there's another long bar island with six seats and great for laptops. The main dining area has two large rectangular tables - good for groups. And there's three smaller tables for up to two (or one comfortably). At the rear of the space, there's two mid-size tables. All of the seating in the main dining area have backs and are a 50s retro style. There's four outlets for powering your devices: two at the front bar island corner walls and two more along the north side of the space.Outside, there's three picnic tables for up to six people. Along the front window on Glisan, three small bistro tables with chairs keep it charming.Mondays tend to be quieter. I was here at 12pm on a Tuesday and it was a full house with laptop frenzy. Fillmore reminds me of agency environments where everything is open-air and connected. There's great people, food, and music. Stop by and support a local biz. Say hi to Tim (the owner) and Dennis (barista) tell them their crema rocks!

WiFi Details

Download Speed 65 Mb/s
Upload Speed 13 Mb/s
Latency 18 Ms
Fillmore | fillmorepdx

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Type of Space

Open to the public

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Background Noise Moderate
Plugs for Charging Limited
Group Seating
Outdoor Seating -
Types of Seating Small tables, larger tables, standing bar / counter
Community Tags fillmore, fillmore pdx, fillmore portland, fillmore pizza, fillmore glisan, fillmore pdx
Coffee Options Coava
Tea Options Jasmine Pearl
Alcohol Options Beer, Wine
Food Options pizza, salad, bagels, pastries, coffee, beer, cider, wine, vegan options
Updated July 2017

Listing provided by halfstring + bellenoelle + jclyburn + westonruter


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  • Hours are now:

    Monday 6AM–5PM
    Tuesday 6AM–5PM
    Wednesday 6AM–5PM
    Thursday 6AM–5PM
    Friday 6AM–5PM
    Saturday 8AM–3PM
    Sunday 8AM–3PM

  • halfstring

    9/6/17 update: Filmore2 network is still consistent at 65 Mb / sec down. They no longer have a kid’s play area so there’s a single-top table there now. A couple of other people (remote workers) are here on a Wed afternoon around 3:30pm so it’s relatively quiet.

  • I went there for the first time today after hearing what a great place it was to work. Got a coffee and a slice of pizza, sat down to work, and found out I could connect to their WiFi, but it was weak, and I kept having to sign back in repeatedly. Pages wouldn’t load, etc. It does seem like a nice place and the people who work there are nice, but I had to get some work done, so I had to leave and seek another place. Maybe another day the WiFi will be better.

  • WiFi speed is secure and good (60Mbps down, 10Mbps up).

  • halfstring

    I haven’t been here for a month or so but the network is creeping at about 2Mb/sec today. Someone must be streaming video. The Comcast Xfinity wireless is about 5Mb/sec so a little better.

  • halfstring

    Alex, the owners didn’t want the wifi password listed here. You’ll need to grab a coffee and/or pizza to find out. It’s inside on their wall menu. Glad to see other workers are enjoying the space. See you out there and don’t be shy. I won’t bite.

  • koralex90

    Wifi Password: *****

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